This system is the most popular technology and it is broadly used by residential or commercial or industrial user to reduce electricity bill up to 90% annually. This type of plant is connected to utility grid and power generated by solar power plant is transmitted to grid/DISCOM through grid tie inverter & the grid/DISCOM supply the power to the consumer as per demand or requirement. Net meter keeps record for grid feeding which is generated by solar power plant & consumption by consumer.

  • PV modules
  • Grid tie inverter
  • Module Mounting Structure (MMS)
  • Balance of System (BOS)
  • Protection system
  • Remote monitoring System.
  • By installing grid tie system, one can save electricity bill up to 90% annually.
  • PV module’s life 30 years (warranty).
  • Almost zero maintenance cost.
  • Solar Rooftop is a secure investment & higher ROI.
  • Increase the commercial value.
  • Tax benefit as capital expenditure.
  • Shrink your Carbon footprint.
  • Does not take extra space.
  • Suitable for all climates.