Our Services

The company is into the business of solar roof-top and other solar products like solar pump, Solar Street light, all-in-one street light, Solar water heater and garden light. Apart from this we also dedicatedly provide Solar power plant design, drawing, plant layout, site survey, feasibility study, project report, installation, testing & commissioning (I&C), operation & maintenance (OM) consultation. Our expertise lies in below service areas. 

Solar Project Consulting

Like any other engineering project, solar rooftop power plant also need experts consultancy to study Feasibility, Viability, Sustainability, Return on Investment (ROI) etc. which are completely depending upon engineering skills of system integrator, system design & selection of proper materials. Our broad knowledge, enormous experience & ground-breaking skill about various challenges for Renewable Energy base power plants/sources are our core expertise. 



DPR Preparation

Our broad knowledge, enormous experience & ground-breaking skill about the Site Study and DPR Presentation always provides an edge for our customers. We always bring proper documentations in place before doing pre-installations on land, workspace or residential place.


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

PPA is a long term agreement among the beneficiary; investor & project developer. It is very important for RESCO project where Government licensing, approval from concern authorities, tariffs calculation etc are very important part. Our expert team is preparing Power Purchased Agreement (PPA).    


Energy Auditing

To find out authentic energy requirement is called Energy audit. It is very important for a solar power plant designing of estimated project. Based on energy audit report, solar power plant capacity is depend. Our expert team is auditing actual energy requirement of beneficiary.


Installation, Testing & Commissioning

Our I & C team is highly professional & disciplined. We are very serious about time management & carrying out the jobs/projects in a specific time frame. We have developed a core competency in handling the DC and the AC side of the solar power system. The extensive knowledge about PV, Inverter, and various other components has helped us to provide the best services to our customers.




In this model, the entire investment comes from the power consumer, consumer generally hire a solar EPC company who provide turnkey installation of entire solar power system and hand over assets to consumers. EPC also do annual operation and maintained (O&M) of plant on mutually agreed cost per annum.


  • After setup cost, it can generate free electricity life time (25 years)
  • Operational cost is almost zero
  • Capital investment will free within 40 months
  • Higher return on investment (RoI)
  • Shrink your carbon footprint.


In the OPEX or RESCO model, an investor or project developer (Renewable Energy Service Company RESCO), invests the capital investment and develop the solar rooftop/ground mounting projects. The consumer pays for the energy consumed/supplied by the solar power plant delicately to the developer based on signed PPA. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term agreement between consumer and developer containing details terms and condition like tenure, tariff etc.


No capital investment. 30% ~35% discounted tariff for 25 years will ensure by Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with investor.


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