Solar High-must lights are kind of street lights which are designed with 4/6 no of LED lights and similar no of solar panels, charge controllers, batteries and a polygonal pole. The system is configured in such a way where LEDs are setting multiple directions & angles as per site requirement. 

Solar panels are using to generate power from sunlight and store in batteries through charge controller. Then the stored power is used as per requirement. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of solar High-must which has inbuilt auto on/off, dusk-to-down, motion sensor features & IP65 standard.

  • 4 no of PV Modules
  • 4 no of Charge Controllers
  • 4 no of Batteries
  • 8M Octagonal Pole with MMS
  • Balance of System (BOS)
  • Protection system
  • It can save electricity bill up to 90% annually.
  • Auto on/off with dusk to down features.
  • Motion sensor available with selected model.
  • Noise free system.
  • IP65 Certified.
  • 100% GI pole & MMS.
  • Maintenance free system.