Why Sunbird Power

We are a leading solar EPC company based in Kolkata, WB, India and have a core team which has extensive knowledge, enormous experience & unparalleled skill on Renewable Energy along with good academic career from India’s premiere Engineering & Management Institutions.

Our USP's:

  • Our broad knowledge & experience about the Grid Synchronization challenges for various Renewable Energy base power plants/sources is our core expertise.
  • Our innovative design, high quality & cost optimization technique are unique. We are well updated about modern/latest technology developing every day. Clear understanding about modern energy conservation & storage methodology are also our potency.
  • Our team management is highly professional & disciplined. We are very serious about time management & carrying out the jobs/assignments/projects in a specific time frame.
  • We have developed a core competency in handling the DC and the AC side of the solar power system. The extensive knowledge about PV, Inverter, and various other components has helped us to excel in installation and provide the best services to our customers.
  • Our international presence in Dhaka, Bangladesh where we already have completed various solar rooftop projects in multiple locations of the country.

We are industry leading company to carry out solar based power plant design, procurement, installation, testing & commissioning efficiently & successfully.